Glock Specialist

We understand that not everyone is a fan of the Glock line of pistols. We’re not here to say the Glock is the end all be all of pistols. What we are saying is that we know that Glock’s are, and have been, very popular since they were introduced. Because of their popularity we know that there are a lot of Glocks on the market and a need for the owners of these Glocks.

Now you might be asking, “If the Glock is such a good pistol. Why would I need it armored?” Well the answer to that is very simple. Just like an automobile, a pistol is a mechanical machine. As such routine maintenance is required if you want to get the best out of your pistol. Secondly, from time to time upgrades become available that were not available due to the rapid change of technology.

Free Evaluation

Here at Kings we offer a FREE Evaluation of your Glock. We will conduct a 10 point inspection, per Glock’s direction. We will then provide you with the check list showing all of the checks and the results. In addition if any parts need to be replaced or updated. All you will have to pay is the cost of the part. (Yes that means FREE LABOR!)

Polishing and Trigger Upgrade

Most complaints about the Glock pistols comes from their triggers. The trigger either seems to mushy or people get concerned because there is no manual safety and they fear an accidental discharge. We have done a lot of research and testing on this subject and feel we have come up with a great solution.

Option 1 is roughly about a 4.5lb trigger pull that is more crisp than the factory while at the same time providing a more smooth pull through the break. We accomplish this by lightly polishing several parts of the trigger group. We then add a Ghost EdgeTrigger spring and connector. There is no grinding or cutting on your gun or any of its parts. The entire process takes us about 30 minutes. The best part about what we offer is the price. Including parts and labor you will be $100 out the door! No tax…no hidden fees. Just $100.00!

Option 2 is very similar to Option 1 with the exception that we use the Ghost Trigger Evo Elite. With the Evo Elite we are able to limit the trigger over travel, thus providing an outstanding trigger with a quicker reset.  This is a slightly more entailing process and requires about an hour to an hour and half. The best part about what we offer is the price. Including parts and labor you will be $125 out the door! No tax…no hidden fees. Just $125.00!

In either case, when finished we will perform a 10 point check, clean your pistol, and return to you a firearm you can depend on to defend your life and that of your family.

Understand this is not going to give you a 1911 trigger in a Glock. What it gives you is a smoother and crisper pull through break, while still being safe to carry.

Availability Times

Our Glock Armor is a full-time Law Enforcement Officer. Accordingly he can’t be at the shop all of the time. To make it easier for our customer, we suggest you call the store and make an appointment. If parts are available, most times the work is turned around the same day.