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Having to borrow money is a humbling experience, especially if you have to ask a stranger. This is where Kings Pawn and Gun can help, because we don’t see anyone as a strangers. We see everyone as our friends and neighbors.

There are a lot of places to get loan(s) or to sell your item(s) in Oklahoma City. But very few pawn2will treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. That is just part of our goal, at Kings Pawn and Gun.

We strive to give top dollar for all of your loan or sale items. We stay current with some of the latest technologies which allows us to continue to offer some of the most competitive loans and rates in the Oklahoma City market.

Loan FAQ

What is a loan?

What is an extension?

Will I lose my merchandise?

Will merchandise be safe?

Can I pawn a firearm?

What do I need?